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Bamboo-Beer-Logo1Bamboo Beer Launch – After Party

(August 13, 2013 – Toronto, ON) Blocktrade is proud to sponsor BAMBOO Beer – “Beer with Benefits” – after party.


Bamboo Beer Launch Youtube video:

After party video:

Bamboo Beer is the newest beer created for the masses with a higher purpose. “Bamboo Beer’- for the masses” The Hamilton Spectator. It is a premium lager that uses the finest malt, hops & bamboo to create a refreshing taste everyone will enjoy.


The innovative development of bamboo beer started when it was realized that Canada can have a local bamboo industry.  Experienced Master Brewers of our country were able to collaborate with us to create the newest global beer. More than half of the world depend on bamboo to survive and ironically more that half of the world is subjected to monopolies in their countries beer industries. Bamboo Beer knows no boundaries and will play a significant role by giving a competitive edge in many local economies.


Launch was in donation to ‘Making waves’ non-profit organization the youth Pilipino movement – giving back to community and associated with the green movement in Toronto:

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