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130220-waleWALE: Ambion Tour – Blocktrade Launch

(The Come up Show – January 31, 2013, Toronto ON) Bloctrade Music Inc. Presents Wale: The Ambition Tour at the Phoenix Concert Theatre.

UntitledWale in Toronto a few years back at tattoo rock parlor for his debut album tour Attention Deficit I can honestly say a different man was on stage from the last time I saw him. The first time around the MC was unengaged (checking his bbm on stage) and seemingly going through the motions cutting from song to song making his first time in visit a forgetful experience. A lot has changed from that first visit to Friday’s performance having been humbled by an industry and fans that turned their back on him during his first album disappointment. Lit with a new a fire under him the mc proved he deserved a second chance at the spotlight making sure people especially me forget about his debut flop and lackluster first time Toronto show. – See more at:


wale-500x400HipHop Canada – Wale concert ticket contest


HipHop Canada – Harvey Stripes “Toronto is my first home” – Video


(@BlueBandit video – February 12, 2012, Toronto ON) Blocktrade brings Wale to the big city!

Blocktrade Music on January 20th brought international hip-hop artist Wale to the city of Toronto. Blocktrade is a entertainment label specializing in production, artist management, events, photography, and film. The full venue of fans were impressed and intrigued with the way Blocktrade presented Wale to the city; also displaying Toronto’s up and coming hot acts,such as, Ronny Orleans, Dizzy, Jigz tha Flyer and Harvey Stripes. Without a doubt, the city is ready for more from Blocktrade music, anxiously waiting to see whats next.

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