Photography:69220_10151739213495461_1685563926_n Blocktrade provides professional photography services which encompass creative insights to portray quality and originality. If you’re an aspiring artist looking to distinguish yourself from the competition our photographers can help you achieve this and provide you with a diverse portfolio. We will ensure that your requirements are fulfilled and won’t stop working until you are satisfied with the end result. Special event photography is available upon request.

Video Production: Blocktrade provides independent recording artists with the ability to create and produce their own music videos. We work exclusively with a skilful group of professional video producers   and provide a quality product at an affordable price. Our 5 step production process enables        independent artists to conveniently develop a suitable solution for their music video requirements

Graphic Design: Blocktrade offers a variety of high quality graphic design services such as; album covers, logos, banners, brochures, business cards and promotional images.We work closely with a talented group of professional photographers and graphic designers to provide clients with a creative and distinguishing identity in a competitive marketplace.


Recording:574813_10150921415843606_1065271968_n (1) Blocktrade works exclusively with qualified music engineers to provide specialized recording services. We utilize several studio locations within the greater Toronto area to provide convenient accessibility for all recording artists Each studio is equipped with quality recording tools and maintains a professional atmosphere to ensure the ultimate recording experience.

Mixing & Mastering: Blocktrade recognizes that quality should come first when developing or releasing a new record, which is why it’s so important to mix and master songs correctly. Our music engineers and producers help maximize a record’s potential through a series of mix and mastering techniques, carefully adjusting all the record’s raw elements and bringing them together to create a final masterpiece.  When your product is in the ears of the consumer, you want to be remembered as the best. Let us assist you in delivering that desired quality. Packages for full albums or mix tapes are available upon request.

Compositions (custom beats): Blocktrade’s talented network of composers, musicians, producers and recording artists enables us to create original compositions for various music genres. If you require a jingle for a corporate event or product, we can assist you in creating that desired melody or rhyming scheme. We’re also capable of providing original music compositions that can be synchronized with images for commercial use, motion pictures, video games, marketing campaigns, websites and ring-tones. Licensing terms may vary according to project specifications.


Management:538209_10151144806979129_667449105_n Blocktrade offers management services for recording artists, songwriters, music producers, beat makers and composers who are interested in taking their music career to a higher level.  Our management team is a group of motivated entrepreneurs who are dedicated to assisting aspiring and established song writers in developing and maintaining professional relationships with major recording artists around the world.

-This process includes marketing and representation of the artist and their work and distribution of the exclusive instrumentals. Blocktrade’s vast library of quality instrumentals enables artists to easily find the perfect instrumental to complement their style. If you’re interested in having representation from Blocktrade’s management team, please send a demonstration of your work along with a brief description of your objectives to





Branding:425725_307854175940505_1108290014_n The vision of Blocktrade is to give an artist what he/she wants yet incorporating professional opinion and direction. Besides the above mentioned services, Blocktrade provides aspiring artists with marketing strategies and our graphic designers work diligently to understand artist needs. Also offered is launch press events and media relations. These services will get you into the media and its publics eye, a chance to get recognized in the urban music media scene. This involves developing a launch kit, setting up radio, magazine interview, writing biographies, press releases , sending media invites for mixtape releases and more.

Social Media professional brand development: We will help an aspiring artist understand social media from a brand perspective. Yes we all have personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+, Instagram accounts, but we help you understand trends in the industry, reach your fans, find events or simply unify your brand throughout all platforms.