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33852_4509634697742_55373398_nWith his life motto “make change for a dollar, never change for a dollar.” This New York native producer lives and breathes music. Ronny Orleans, an aspiring artist himself who started his love for music under a Canadian independent label

named Hard-knock music. with a fall out from the label,quitting would not be his fate. By mastering more than just the art of wordplay,he made it a point to become a one man band man by  attaching audio engineering/producing for a full year with grammy producer/engineer extraordinaire Edwin Ramos. producer/engineer for Marry j,Angie stone,kc and Jojo, etc). With an itch for more  excellence he also became a certified Lenard of graphic design and photography, whiles keeping a strong relationship with blocktrade music.Alvaro Diaz, bloctrade (c.e.o), has always made it a point to involve the young aspiring music mogul with everything blocktrade has to offer. knowing the potential and drive his class mate posses, in the late 2012 it became official,Ronny decided to join the Blocktrade team as the creative director


“BT has great credibility, and an outstanding track record – It has come a long way within the last 5 years”

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