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Blocktrade Music Studio, located in Mississauga Ontario, was opened in January of 2015 to public. This cozy, technologically advanced studio was built to facilitate vocal recordings, song creation, and rehearsal space. Blocktrade Studio also acts as a headquarter for Blocktrade Music recording artists and producers. The studio is equipped with a fully soundproof recording booth with video monitor mounted inside, making it easy for artists to follow the creation of their recording. The “Red” booth has a blacklight as well as regular lighting controlled by dimmer to ensure desired mood is always attained. The booth houses a Neumann TLM 103 microphone accompanied with Beats by Dre studio headphones. The control room is equipped with Tascam FW-1884, Pro Tools 10 HD, Windows 7, Big Knob, Yorkville Montiors, 2 x 21in screens, 50″ Panasonic TV and more.

Blocktrade Music Studio is a well organized company and strives to create the right environment for recording artist as we understand that energy always affects performance. To ensure recording artist and producers the best experience possible, smoking is permitted.

Contact 289.795.4463 or to book your session today!

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